16 Wheeler Road

North Salem, NY

Wheeler Residence:

I have been with Houlihan Lawrence for 28 years. I grew up in South Salem NY, and Early in my career I quickly became a top producer at Houlihan Lawrence. My top years I grossed over $200k with my best year being close to $340k. Approximately eight years ago, with the encouragement of my company I moved to Dutchess County to help with the opening of our Millbrook office and establish market share. In 2010 I closed on the highest single family residence transaction in the history of Dutchess county with a sales price of over $18M. For the next several years I increased Houlihan’s luxury market share there with over $75M in listings ranging from $3M to $28M. Unfortunately the luxury market in Dutchess did not sustain itself and for the next several years I spent the majority of my time servicing listings that never sold (most have been withdrawn from the market and should a luxury market reestablish there I will the opportunity to contact those sellers). Having let go of most of my Westchester business and little happening in Dutchess, I started working as as a construction project manager part time as I contemplated my next what I wanted to pursue in the future. As of last year, having finished that construction project I committed myself to reestablish my real estate career back in Westchester. So while 2017 ($65,000) and 2018 (26,000) is not impressive, as you can see from the spread sheet attached, within the next few weeks I will be listing approximately $50M in real estate. In addition to that, I will be meeting back with the principals of Bellefield development project in Hyde Park most likely in the next few weeks. This project soon will bring 559 residential residences across the street from the Culinary Institute. This will be my second visit with them and I am hopeful that I will be able to secure those listings when they are ready to market the residential phase of their project.

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